I feel very fortunate to have experienced and benefited from Sue’s approach to holistic healing and Kinesiology. I came to Sue in March 2007 after a long period of stressful working situations and a lifetime of sleep problems. During my sessions I have been guided by Sue to address both the immediate physical and mental problems affecting my well-being. She has also offered a compassionate and considerate insight into some of the underlying thoughts and experiences which continue to shape my life. Her treatment and healing has succeeded in eradicating my sleeping difficulties, enables me to deal with stress far more effectively and has in a very tangible way – strengthened me in my choice to follow my dreams. I would have no hesitation in whole-heartedly recommending Sue to anyone seeking to begin or continue their healing journey.

AB Esq, Bristol

Before I had my Kinesiology treatment, I really felt I had reached rock bottom in my life. I was having huge personal problems. I felt worthless and became ill and lost one and a half stone in weight. I was sceptical when I went to see Sue, however one year on my life has been transformed and my body feels so much better and healthier. I have a spring in my step, and my life is much more positive now. I see life in a different way and refuse to dwell in the past and think negatively. So thank you Sue for turning my life around.

Mrs MD, Somerset

Kinesiology and EFT in Somerset with Sue Parker