How does EFT work?

EFT is a form of Energy Therapy. It is based on the Traditional Chinese Meridian system, the same system that has been used for thousands of years in Acupuncture.

In EFT we work with the Eastern concept of subtle energy which is the life force that flows within us. When we are in good emotional and physical health, this life force flows through various energy systems in our body. One of these energy systems is the Meridian system. However, trauma and stress create blockages in this system which can lead to illness and disease. EFT works to clear these blockages so that energy can flow freely.

A series of points on the body’s meridian system are tapped with the fingers which releases energy blocks. This helps to release stored emotions or patterns of illness from the body, rather like Acupuncture but without the needles.

Each time something triggers a negative memory, your brain also brings with it the negative emotion such as fear, anger or hurt. These bad memories send a message to your brain and create a negative emotion which causes a blockage to the body’s energy system. It is this disruption that causes emotional and physical problems.

Unless these blockages are released they can remain locked in the body’s energy system for years and only become evident when you start to suffer from symptoms such as anger, fear, low self-esteem, addictions and anxiety.

Kinesiology and EFT in Somerset with Sue Parker